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Ignition Timing Adjustments (2.5L)

NOTE: Run the engine at idle, in Park on 4EAT (automatic transmission) vehicles, or Neutral on MTX (manual transmission) vehicles.

  1. Warm the engine to normal operating temperature at idle.
  2. Turn all of the electrical load off (radio, A/C, fan, etc.).
  3. Connect Rotunda Digital Tachometer/Multimeter 055-00101 or equivalent to number one spark plug wire.
  4. Connect the timing light to the engine.
  5. Connect terminals STI(TEN) and GND of the Data Link Connector with a jumper wire.
  6. Verify the idle speed is 650 ± 50 rpm. If idle is not within specifications, refer to Section 03-01B.
  7. Check ignition timing. Timing should be 9-11° BTDC.
  8. If the timing is not within specifications, loosen the distributor hold-down bolts.
  9. Turn the distributor until the correct timing is achieved.
  10. Tighten the distributor hold-down bolts to 19-25 N-m (14-18 lb-ft).
  11. Remove the tachometer, timing light and jumper wire.
Specifications (2.5L)

Description Specifications
Engine Firing Order 1-2-3-4-5-6
Engine Timing 9-11°
Engine Idle Speed 650 ± 50 rpm
Spark Plug Gap 1.0-1.1mm (0.039-0.043 inch)

Description N-m Lb-Ft Lb-In
Fresh Air Duct Nuts and Bolts 8-10 - 71-88
Air Cleaner Assembly Nuts and Bolt 19-25 14-18 -
Distributor Hold-down Bolts 19-25 14-18 -
Distributor Hold-down Bolts 115-22 11-16 -

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