Ford Probe FAQ
Rear Strut Removal/Installation


The following illustration is an exploded view of the strut assembly and its related components.

  1. Raise and support the vehicle.
  2. Remove the rear wheels.
  3. If equipped with Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), remove the speed sensor routing bracket.

  4. Remove the brake U-clip from the strut housing.
  5. Remove the two spindle-to-strut mounting bolts.

  6. Remove the trunk side panel to gain access to the strut assembly.
  7. Remove the three upper strut attaching nuts.

  8. Remove the strut assembly.


  1. Position the strut assembly.
  2. Install the three upper strut attaching nuts. Tighten the upper strut attaching nuts to 46-63 N-m (34-46 lb-ft).
  3. Install the trunk side panel.
  4. Install the two spindle-to-strut mounting bolts. Tighten the spindle to strut mounting bolts to 93-117 N-m (69-87 lb-ft).
  5. Install the brake line U-clip.
  6. Install the speed sensor routing bracket, if equipped.
  7. Install the rear wheels. Tighten the wheel lug nuts to 88-118 N-m (65-87 lb-ft).
  8. Lower the vehicle.
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