Ford Probe FAQ
Front Strut Disassembly


Tool Required:

  • MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor D85P-7178-A

ItemPart #Description
299921-1400Shock Absorber Nut
318192Shock Mounting Block
4---Thrust Bearing
5---Upper Spring Seat
618198Upper Rubber Spring Seat
718A047Dust Boot
818159Bump Stopper
918125Shock Absorber
10---Lower Rubber Spring Seat
115560Coil Spring

  1. Remove the front strut assembly from the vehicle.
  2. Secure the strut assembly in MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor D85P-7178-A or equivalent.

  3. Compress the coil spring and remove the shock absorber nut from the strut assembly.
  4. Remove the shock absorber.
  5. Release the spring compressor and remove the coil spring, upper rubber spring seat, upper spring seat, thrust bearing and strut mounting block.


NOTE: Face the direction indicator on the strut mounting block towards the rear outboard position during reassembly.

NOTE: Face the notch on the upper spring seat towards the outboard position during reassembly.

  1. Install the strut mounting block, thrust bearing, upper spring seat, upper rubber spring seat, and the coil spring in the spring compressor.

    CAUTION: Verify that the lower coil of the spring is seated on the step of the lower seat.

  2. Compress the coil spring.
  3. Position the shock absorber in the compressed coil spring.
  4. Install the shock absorber nut. Tighten the shock absorber nut to 89-117 N-m (66-86 lb-ft).
  5. Release the spring compressor and remove the strut assembly.
  6. Install the strut assembly in the vehicle.

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