Ford Probe FAQ
Service Manual Excerpts

The below excerpts are from the 1993 Ford Probe Service Manual.

20-20-99 Front Strut Removal/Installation

20-20-99 Front Strut Disassembly

20-20-99 Rear Strut Removal/Installation

20-20-99 Rear Strut Disassembly

20-20-99 Fuel Filter

20-20-99 Rear Brake Pads

20-20-99 Service Manual Order Form

20-20-99 Audio Block Diagram/Schematic

20-20-99 Front Brake Pads

20-20-99 Air Bag Fault Code Table

20-20-99 Gear Ratios 4EAT Transaxle (automatic)

20-20-99 Ignition Timing Adjustments (2.5L)

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