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Current Version 1.0.8

This version of the "Messageboard" uses FileMaker Pro 4.x or later and Lasso 3.6.x or later. If you are interested in this messageboard solution for your own site/server, please visit the address below.

Any comments (positive or negative) or questions are welcomed. Please e-mail me directly.

Lasso MessageBoard

To-Do List (features yet to be added in version 1.1?)
  • Administrator features - allow for remote management of users/subscriptions
  • Others?? I'm always open to suggestions - e-mail me your ideas!!
Version History
  • 1.0.8 - (21-Aug-2002) Coded for deployment on either Lasso or LP5 (Lasso Professional 5) and FileMaker Pro.
  • 1.0.7 - (03-Dec-2001) Coding errors "introduced" into version 1.0.6 fixed (Sorry!).
  • 1.0.6 - (05-Nov-2001) Option to have user "name" as login name instead of "email" (Users-database must be modified to make user name a unique field). Enhanced "debug.lasso" file and other Lasso code optimizations.
  • 1.0.5 - (26-Jul-2001) Message counter now counts backwards when messages are deleted.
  • 1.0.4 - (17-May-2001) Fixed last visit date problem (was not updating-database on subsequent visits). Fixed forum name with spaces in forum name issue (use spaces in forum names with caution!). Fixed missing bottom navigation on detail page when not logged in.
  • 1.0.3 - (26-Apr-2001) Changed "username" to "e-mail address" on login page.
  • 1.0.2 - (12-Apr-2001) Standardized quotes for variable declaration and usage.
  • 1.0.1 - (16-Mar-2001) Subcriptions now handled by additional layout in user-database. Better error handling on message posts. Deleted obsolete fields/valuelists in-databases. Now using email address validation tag built into Lasso. Checkbox to hide poster's email address on posting.
  • 1.0 - (06-Jun-2000) Register, login and preferences functions streamlined. First release finalized.
  • 1.0b17 - (29-Mar-2000) Added user/moderator features.
  • 1.0b16 - (16-Mar-2000) Added code to check for duplicate posts.
  • 1.0b15 - (13-Jan-2000) Added visitor statistics: daily, month-to-date (MTD), year-to-date (YTD).
  • 1.0b14 - (22-Dec-1999) Reduced amount of code in links (smaller pages load faster).
  • 1.0b13 - (10-Nov-1999) Search feature added (Yea!), after message post, you get the message screen with your new response/post.
  • 1.0b12 - (29-Oct-1999) Code enhancements to improve overall speed (reduced number of queries).
  • 1.0b11 - (21-Oct-1999) Revised NEW message checking logic again (it broke after 10/01/1999).
  • 1.0b10 - (05-Aug-1999) Added forgotten password utility.
  • 1.0b9 - (02-Aug-1999) Fixed the "missing posts" bug.
  • 1.0b8 - (06-Jul-1999) Fixed bug where maximum number of responses shown for a given thread was artificially limited to 50 (a FileMaker Pro default). Also modified the sorting of messages so that the most recently replied to threads float to the top.
  • 1.0b7 - (04-May-1999) "New" message logic tweaked. User preferences now have a "functional" unsubscribe feature.
  • 1.0b6 - (03-May-1999) Logic to identify "New" messages fixed (I hope). Compare last message date to your last visit date (Please e-mail me if you see an error).
  • 1.0b5 - (02-May-1999) E-mail notification enabled for registered users. Forums/messages are now "checked" if they are "new" since your last visit (registration required).
  • 1.0b4 - (01-May-1999) Number of-database queries reduced significantly (should improve performance dramatically).
  • 1.0b3 - (30-Apr-1999) Cookies added for user preferences (registration required). User registration/modification and e-mail settings enabled. Misc. performance improvements.
  • 1.0b2 - (29-Apr-1999) Improved threading on message forums. Seperate threading style for current vs. archived messages. "Audio" forum added. Misc. performance improvements.
  • 1.0b1 - (28-Apr-1999) Initial version. Old message board messages imported.

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