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Author Topic: Ford Probe Vs. Civic SI
arskwared Posted on 2003-11-23 at 00:20:02
Just wondering who wod win between a 94 Ford Probe SE and a 93 Honda Civic SI with V-Tech... no modifications, both automatic transmissions. Any Input?
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Raynfall Posted on 2003-11-23 at 15:17:21
Close, my guess is the Civic has an edge.

Jimmy Deez Posted on 2003-12-16 at 16:43:56
i love spanking honda's!

speedy Posted on 2005-04-29 at 23:47:37
It depends on the driver. Also are the se equiped with the v6 or the 4 banger. If it is the 4 then the civic i believe has it. I say that becuase i see people race these cars on lindberg all the time.

Greek606 Posted on 2005-09-10 at 21:34:58
All Civic Si (ALL YEARS) only comes stick. If its an EX coupe auto with Vtec against an Se auto, it might be close though. They have similar HP 125(civic) 115 (Probe). It depends on the gearing I think. It might go to the Civic because it a lot lighter too.

lakaiformiles Posted on 2006-04-18 at 21:58:49
itll proably be close. i have a 94 gt probe, an it beat a 93 si with headers an a few mods. so an se aginst stock will be close

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