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Author Topic: Hell yeah!
Tygerr Posted on 2003-05-27 at 23:05:38
I can't find where I was talking about this ea so I' start a new one. I totay stomped my friends se gt today with my co. He kept talking crap about my probe, so I had to do it. I was with my chick cising home with my chick, my bro, and my friend at about 60 when I a of a sudden see my friend in his se in my ds side mi, I gun it but it's an atx so it takes a while ya know, he aeady had the edge. He just bay passes me and I'm riding his a**, like close. He comes to a stop and so do I. I p up behind him after we go and just ride there waiting. Some white tck passes from the oncoming lane, I see it's c and we both f it. Of cose he had no chance but sti, it was funny. The thing is he was the only one in his car, but I guess when you have power, weight doesn't matter a that much. I smoked him good, he was and 2 1/2 car lengths behind me at 75, I totay lost him at 100 and gave up on the gas at 110. Man was that thing.
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ZE bad ass Posted on 2003-06-11 at 19:17:43
for some reason pounding on SF's is always fun, maybe I'm a little sinicle toward them since I owned one and it was JUNK! One kid in my car club has a red GT and he thinks it's the shit, i roasted him in a 1/2 mile drag a few nights ago. the new engine didn't top out and it's settleing in with the rest of the car nicely. I whooped on one guys V6 couger that night too, and it's not stock, about as many mods as me(minus engine swap), it just as fun to pound on a V6 as it is to whoop up on a something that says GT!

Tygerr Posted on 2003-06-12 at 12:42:08
Was the cougar a 5speed or an automatic, there's almost a 3 second difference between the two.

ZE bad ass Posted on 2003-06-21 at 20:16:25
5 on the floor...I raced him twice more since. 1/4 and a 3/4...I lost the 1/4 by about twenty feet, but the 3/4 it was goodbye Sonny Jim! I rarely race in the 1/4 mile nights, i usually lose, not enough at the lower range, the longer tears are where I'm deadly. 120+ in the 3/4 with room. two cars have a better upper regester than I do, a civic and integra!

raynfall Posted on 2003-06-22 at 00:16:31
Who the hell races the 3/4 mile? Are we gonna start bragging about our car's top speeds? Cuz that's about all something like that'c gonna come down to.

ZE bad ass Posted on 2003-06-22 at 21:16:50
yes...unlike the nutless wonders of some people who tear for 1320 feet and think there car is fastest car on the block tend to find that when they have to go three times ar far they can't put theier cars where thier ego's are. You'll find that when 3/4 night comes have to have a better car, a better abitlity to hanlde it and way more nuts then you pansies with the 1/4 mile badges stuck on your forheads...the only place where a 1/4 mile is acceptable is when you can get to 150 before it's over...if not, and I'm pretty sure you're not, race with a little speed under our foot...or you can punk out and be the bitch for the night...what catagory do YOU fit under? PUNK?

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