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Author Topic: HELP!!
KRIS POMEROY Posted on 2011-04-07 at 08:52:12
ok so my motor in my 1996 PGT blew a few weeks ago and i figed since i gotta ace it might as we do what i want right? we i want to tbo my PGT but im not se if i shod put the KLDE back in it to tbo or buy the KLZE and tbo that one. I know, KLZE a the way BUTTTT the ZE can only handle about 8 psi max where as the DE can handle about 12 psi.... so my question is do i go with the extra 40 horses from the ZE with less boost or do i go with the extra 4 psi?? i just want to know what is the hea choice for my car and what is going to give me more p outta that red light... Thanks

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