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Author Topic: 19/8" Wheels on Probe 2.5 1995
peej Posted on 2005-05-21 at 15:33:46
Yo! My Probe cy wears Alessio Fusion 19/8" wheels, 195/35 tyres. Need more width, up to 225 and more pe, up to 45. Anybody able to advise as to what is the max width and height I can go to on 19/8"? Tnx. Peej
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peej Posted on 2009-11-10 at 08:00:59
Ans: yep, you can fit 235/40/19 to 1995 Probe gt. However, springs need to be in perfect nick, otherwsie there will be friction between tire and strut. Gap between tire and strut all round is fractional, hence, springs in particular need to be spot on.

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