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Author Topic: My \'new\' 1994 probe--airbag light--HELLLP!!!!!!!!!!!
firemaiden619 Posted on 2007-07-04 at 11:47:20
OKay so I hay know jack about cars. A I know is i saw a probe in a used car lot a coe of weeks ago and thought it was the cutest thing ive ever seen so I went out and got one on ebay fo $1136--Im y not a dumb gi i promise but I have quite a few issues..... #1 my airbag light wi flash 4 times and then go off for about 5 seconds and then go on 4 times again.. it repeats this nonstop as long as the car is nning, ALSO once in a while my check engine light wi come on for a few seconds and go off for god knows how t the point is it comes on occasionay but wi go off right away. #2 the dea only gave me 1 key and it doesnt even look like the pretty se its a copy and I cant get my tnk open--HELP! #3 there is a keyhole on the Right side of my shifter...what is it for? I tried sticking my ONE key the dea gave me into it and it doesnt do a thing. I just got this car yesterday but I aeady love it even though it has some issues...dents in the hood from what appears to be a fist, the Dr's side inte door handle is cracked and a e loose, the inte is torn and stained - but that's what seatcovers are for right? the bar to hold my hood up for me when im peekin is MIA, but as far as missing parts go that's what a jd is good for. and some of the pannels are a e loose and the paintjob BLOWS but my boyfriend does bodywork so i think i have him help me out with this. I love my probe and I love the way it ns but can someone please te me how I get those lights to go off?

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