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Author Topic: 97 Ford probe GT 2 years of problems
cyberpunk Posted on 2010-04-11 at 07:13:23
Hi, I have a Aian ford probe 97 model with the 2.5 v6. I have had so many issues with it but mainly the pem seems to be no one can find the sotion. So far I have had every seal in the engine aced, water pump, f pump, f fi, spark pgs, wires, dist, catalytic conve, oil fi, air box, maf sensor. There's py more incding trying new sensors to test like the TPS, EGR, crank sensor, the body, ahhh I must admit I've lost count haha. We here is the main issue after a of this, the car wi start, idle at 1500rpm, drop to 900 - 1000rpm after a few minutes then hold that position ti it stas. Ove I have only 2 things left to try I can think of being the comp aced and possibly the VSS agh the oveive seems to be functioning fine. I had also toyed with the idea it may be the toe conve and have yet to have this tested. Any ideas wod be highly appreciated, I have wandered and the internet and coess mechanics trying to find out how to get my baby back on the road for the last 18 months or so. Jewls

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