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Author Topic: WON\'T START
Kyle Posted on 2006-08-05 at 17:54:00
I was driving and and my stereo shut off and the volts dropped to about 9v. I figed it was the a, and se enough it was. After aceing it, it sti wod not start. I had the battery tested and it was dead, so I aced that as we. The only pem is that it sti wi not start. The car tns over and cranks but no start. After a e diagnostics, there is no spark from the spark pgs. I have no idea what it cod be! My only guess is that something was wrong before hand, because changing an a and battery have nothing to do with spark! Any ideas please post, THANKS!
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Aaron Posted on 2006-10-18 at 15:39:01
from my knoledge it is an engine fuse or in the distributer the thingy on the inside may have went out that costed alot of money to replace on mine and that wasnt it and we put a new fuse in it and it fired up

Assusliva Posted on 2011-05-26 at 04:41:12
Seems to be a common problem on these probes, I have just bought a 97 probe few weeks ago love it but the same has happened to me, park the car up one night the next day the car cranks but wont start, no spark at the plug,, I know the distributor is new, not had a chance to look further, waiting for the weekend, But yer will look into the engine fuse. pretty sure its going to be something simple, but expecting the worst.. will let you know..

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