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Author Topic: Feedback requested
erik Posted on 2004-03-10 at 17:30:54
I'm looking for feedback on how this site/fom cod be made more . Please post yo scomments below (good and bad). -Thanks
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Gary Bridger Posted on 2008-11-12 at 18:03:57
I had a 1994 2.5 24v , As soon as I bought it second hand in year 2000 it cost me 4000 a bit different from the 24000 in 1994.soon as I got it. into the ford garage and full service and all belts replaced. That car was my love. I but a echoflow magnet on the fuel intake and some active 8 friction reducer in the oil. The cat pulled up hills in 5th gear. Out raced a GTI golf. I confess I did over 130 MPH with room but ran out of road. and 4 yeas ago 80 miles on 10.00 of petrol . Plenty of boot space for all my camera and scuba kit.And an extra set. I drove that car all over the UK for 6 years and no problem. All i had done was 4 6 tiers and a new battery Oh and a CV joint. It was solid. Why did i sell it. It broke my heart. The only sad thing about that car was lack of room in the back and that it was named probe. Why cant the probe be re made with a better name. it was before its time. I would love another. but I moved over seas here in Sabah. And cars are way over priced here. I cant afford one even second hand. for what you pay for new in malaysia you can buy 2 in the UK God bless you if you own one Look after it, If I return I may be on the look out for another.

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