Rearranging Console Switches on 93+ Ford Probes

1. (if you have an auto) Pull out the right side of the circular PRND21 bezel. You'll note that the right side is where the keyhole is. Just wedge your fingers underneath and pull up. It will want to stick but that's OK. If you're concerned, be as careful as you like. It took me a little while to get comfortable with the amount of pull I was giving the plastic. Now I'm used to it, and it just snaps right out when you give it a good strong pull.

2. Pull up on the emergency brake.

3. Reach just about anywhere you can on the lower center console, the part that extends from just next to the driver's seat (but in front of the drink holder) to the bottom of the front center console, just in front of your shifter. You can follow the line all around if it makes you comfortable. You need to pull up on it very firmly. I think I was grabbing it by reaching inside from where I just removed the plastic piece above, but I might have also wedged my fingers around the edge somewhere. I can't recall. Anyway, if you do this, it should lift up. You can move this piece to the side -- but be careful, as the cigarette lighter wiring is still attached to this piece! You don't want to throw it to the side and damage any wiring. Just be aware of it. You can easily move it out of the way, as long as you are watching for it.

4. You should have just exposed two Phillips-head screws on the bottom of the upper center console. Unscrew them (don't drop them), and take them out.

5. Pull very firmly (sensing a theme here?) on the upper center console, starting at the bottom. You should feel the bottom give way to the sides, and just keep pulling until the top comes off. The top has metal fasteners in it, so make sure that they don't fall off or become otherwise damaged. Shouldn't be a problem, just another thing to be aware of.

6. You can now get at all the auxiliary switches. Switch 'em around! =)

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