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Welcome to the gallery. Feel free to browse around. The gallery contains images of Ford Probes submitted by their proud owners. If you would like to submit an image of your Ford Probe to the gallery, send the picture to in gif, jpeg, or Macintosh PICT format, or if you already have a web page of your own, send the URL of your image. If you have a picture but have no means to scan it in, you can submit it via snail-mail (US Postal Service). E-mail me for the full address or if you have questions.

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Angel Aleman Angel Aleman's 1996 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
View 2 (kB)
View 3 (kB)
View 4 (kB)
View 5 (kB)
View 6 (kB)
View 7 (kB)
View 8 (kB)

Dave Castator Dave Castator's 1996 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Rear View (kB)
Modifications include: K&N filter, straight exhaust, 16" OZ Monte Carlo wheels with black
carbonfiber center caps, BFGoodrich R1 Autocross compound rubber, and
several suspention components pulled on and rotated to obtain maximum

Nelson Couto Nelson Couto's 1996 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Modifications include: K&N stock box filter.

Dan Dunhem Dan Dunhem's 1996 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Wheel detail (kB)
Profile view (kB)
Closeup of Kenwood stereo (kB)
Modifications include: Two 6.5 inch Infinity Kappa full range speakers in the front factory
locations, two Infinity Emit tweeters custom mounted up front on the doors,
and two 12 inch JL Audio W1s in a sealed enclosure. Powered by Kenwood.

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