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Ford Probe Owners Gallery - 1994

Welcome to the gallery. Feel free to browse around. The gallery contains images of Ford Probes submitted by their proud owners. If you would like to submit an image of your Ford Probe to the gallery, send the picture to in gif, jpeg, or Macintosh PICT format, or if you already have a web page of your own, send the URL of your image. If you have a picture but have no means to scan it in, you can submit it via snail-mail (US Postal Service). E-mail me for the full address or if you have questions.

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Jody Elliott Jody Elliott's 1994 Probe GT
Side View (kB)
Modifications include only a JVC Kameleon CD
player and a Kicker 12" XPL driver. Future holds a paint job, as well as tinted windows. Nothing extreme. These cars look good the way they are.

DRAGON285 DRAGON285's 1994 Probe SE
Dragon1 (kB)
Dragon2 (kB)
Dragon3 (kB)
Dragon4 (kB)
Modifications include: 1994 red Probe SE, with 17 inch Concept Neeper chrome rims,
205/40/17 Yokohama tires. Eibach springs lowered at 1.25 inch. Chrome Dynamax
Ultra flow Muffler and 4 1/2 inch chrome tip. An Akimoto Funnel Ram air
filtration system. 2 20/20 Ultra Prizm Pilot fog lights. The system includes
8 Infiniti Kappa speakers which include 4 mids, and 4 highs. JVC head unit,
and Kenwood Equalizer. 2 MTX 10 inch speakers in a Ported Box, and 2 MTX

Justin Luton Justin Luton's 1994 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Front right view (kB)
Side view (kB)
Modifications include: 17" Kosei S6R Wheels, 235/45 Yokohama AVS-i tires,
Suspension Techniques Performance Spings, K&N Conical Filter.

Kevin Enslow Kevin Enslow's 1994 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Front View (kB)

Ahmed Shah Ahmed Shah's 1994 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Rear View (kB)
Side View (kB)

Titus Wong Titus Wong's 1994 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Side View (kB)
Rear View (kB)
Left Rear View (kB)

Tammy Thornton Tammy Thornton's 1994 Probe GT
Front View (kB)
View 2 (kB)
Rear View (kB)
Modifications include: Dunlop Sport 8000 225/45/ZR17, mounted on 17" TSW Hockenheim R's, PIAA fog lights, Momo pedals, shift knob and boot.

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