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Welcome to the gallery. Feel free to browse around. The gallery contains images of Ford Probes submitted by their proud owners. If you would like to submit an image of your Ford Probe to the gallery, send the picture to in gif, jpeg, or Macintosh PICT format, or if you already have a web page of your own, send the URL of your image. If you have a picture but have no means to scan it in, you can submit it via snail-mail (US Postal Service). E-mail me for the full address or if you have questions.

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John Martin John Martin's 1993 Probe BASE
Rear View (kB)
RS Akimoto Intake (kB)
93 base
probe with RS Akimoto Intake.

Will Patterson Will Patterson's 1993 Probe GT
Front Left (kB)
Front Right (kB)
Front Left Low (kB)
Front Right #2 (kB)
Rear Right (kB)
Options stock: sunroof, automatic, embroidered floor mats,
Mods include: K+N stock filter, mono wiper mod with 24" blade, tinted windows, Valvoline synthetic engine oil, fog light mod, and I recently reset the computer in the car, which greatly helped performance and mileage.
Wish List: Level 10 shifter, adjustable shocks

Jason Yankowski Jason Yankowski's 1993 Probe GT
Side View (kB)
My mods include Borla catback exhaust, hotshot stage III headers, WingsWest Super style spoiler, tinted windows, and stereo stuff galore.

Rdslkbxers Rdslkbxers's 1993 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
View 2 (kB)
View 3 (kB)
View 4 (kB)
View 5 (kB)
View 6 (kB)

Jason Taylor Jason Taylor's 1993 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
View 2 (kB)
View 3 (kB)
View 4 (kB)
View 5 (kB)
Modifications include: Antera Type 143 17" rims w/ Bridgestone 225/45/ZR-17
tires, Suspension Techniques sport springs, Pioneer CD sound system with JBL
10" subs mounted in MTX enclosure, Hornet alarm with perimeter sensor,
Ralley Racing fogs, and 30% tinted glass.

Reto Weber Reto Weber's 1993 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
View 2 (kB)
View 3 (kB)
Modifications include: ATS wheels sized 9,5x17 with 225/45/17 tires on front and 9,5x17 with 245/40/17 on the rear. Lowered with Eibach springs, Remus exhaust, HotShot headers, Superchips, polished intake system and great audio-system (1800 Watt)

Richard Loria Richard Loria's 1993 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Side view (kB)
Front right view (kB)
Closeup of Fittipaldi Laguna (kB)
Modifications include: Fittipaldi Laguna wheels.

Manny Manny's 1993 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Rear view (kB)
Closeup of Remus exhaust (kB)
Closeup of 3-piece spoiler (kB)
Modifications to Manny's vehicle include custom 3-piece spoiler and Remus exhaust system.

Darren Middleton Darren Middleton's 1993 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Rear View (kB)
New Look 1 (kB)
New Look 2 (kB)

Shaun Kasperowicz Shaun Kasperowicz's 1993 Probe GT
View 1 (kB)
Side View (kB)
View from left rear (kB)
View from right rear (kB)

Mario Fiorucci Mario Fiorucci's 1993 Probe GT
View 1 ()
View 2 ()
View 3 ()
View 4 ()

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