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Ford Probe Owners Gallery - 1990

Welcome to the gallery. Feel free to browse around. The gallery contains images of Ford Probes submitted by their proud owners. If you would like to submit an image of your Ford Probe to the gallery, send the picture to in gif, jpeg, or Macintosh PICT format, or if you already have a web page of your own, send the URL of your image. If you have a picture but have no means to scan it in, you can submit it via snail-mail (US Postal Service). E-mail me for the full address or if you have questions.

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Rob v/d Blom Rob v/d Blom's 1990 Probe GT
Front View (kB)
Left Front Side View (kB)
Drivers Side Interior (kB)
Passenger Side Interior (kB)
Rear View (kB)
Right Side View (kB)
The car is from 1990 and is a Probe 2.2 ltr turbo GT. I drive the car in the Netherlands.

Mandy Mandy's 1990 Probe GL
Mandy's 1990 Probe (kB)

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