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Classifieds FS - 95 PGT red, $1500
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Date/Time: 2007-04-06, 20:35:03
Name: Rob
Category: Vehicles
Title: For Sale - 95 PGT red, $1500
Description: Car has 293,000 miles, still runs fine, and is currently in use every day for a 40+ mile round trip commute. I'll be moving soon and need to sell. I have all major service records and a lot of the minor ones. "Major" service it has had includes new transmission at about 160k, and a new distributor recently. Tires are less than a year old and are in very good condition. Interior upholstery is in excellent condition. Paint has the factory flaw and has faded on the hood, roof, and tailgate, but is otherwise in good shape. No rust. I'm happy to tell you anything else you want to know. Thanks for looking!
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