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Date/Time: 2007-01-29, 11:45:20
Name: Jonathan
Category: Vehicles
Title: For Sale - 1994 Probe GT (ATX) For Sale
Description: 267,000 Kms Black in color - it has the Ford factory paint flaw, so it is faded on the roof and hood. The hatch lid has some rust along the edge, and there is a small circle of rust just at the corner of the tail light assembly (rear quarter panel, passenger side). The pop-up headlights are a little crooked due to a very light bump. Other than that, the body is excellent. The car loses oil at about 1 Litre/month (driving 1,500 Kms), some of it is due to a leaking oil pan. I have a brand new oil pan, not installed, which will go with the car. I've had it for over 5 years and it's been a very reliable car. I have babied it as best I could, and I have all receipts for all work done to it since new. Oil was changed religiously every 5,000 Kms. Timing belt/water pump was done 2 years ago, distributor is 2 years old, it has all new brake lines, rotors and pads, new crank shaft pulley and belt, new alternator, belt tensioner, and belt. It comes with 15" steel wheels and winter tires, plus 4 16" ASA 5-spoke chrome rimes for the summer (2 of them leak air at about 10psi per week but they look great, the other 2 are perfect). This car still turns heads, the young girls especially, lol! I live in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada and I'm looking for about $2,000 Cdn, obo. The car has a Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Inspection sticker valid until Oct/07. I know the chances are pretty slim of anyone close enough to buy it, but maybe someone is interested enough to have it shipped or come and get it. The exchange rate might make this a great bargain for any US buyers. Email me for pics and info. Thanks, Jonathan
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